Monday, March 12, 2012

29... Again!

This weekend, I turned 29 again.... and one of my favorite boards turned 5 years old. I cannot believe the Creative Chaos girls have been together for 5 years now. You ladies have been such a big part of my lives, and I thank you :)

Now, for a prize.....
How many complete scrapbook albums do I have?
Closest number wins.


Kim said...

If I know you, you have a lot of albums.

I'm going to guess...hmmm...


Jeannine said...

You look great for someone turning 29 "again"! I hope I look as good when I'm your age. ROFL (Why do I pick on you so much??)

Seriously tho, I hope you enjoyed every minute of your birthday. You're a sweetie pie, Moon!

As for how many albums you have... how do we know this isn't a trick question? I mean, maybe you have 500 pages done but no albums. Ah-HA! I think I'm onto something here. hehe j/k

Ok lemme think.... Kim said 15 but I think it's more than that...but how much more? It's always so hard to guess these things with you! I'll take a wild guess and say 16. ROFL (I'm still wondering if this was a trick question!)

mgpm said...

Love to you Moon! <3

I'm going to guess 25.

Lisa H said...

Hmmm… 19… and they weigh 3.2 tons. =)
hee hee

clayton528 said...

Hopefully, you have more put together than I do . . . I have LOTS of pages done, but need to get them into albums. Once I do that I'll have 14 . . . Yes, I'm terrible, but at least I get pages done. :)

As for how many you might have, I'll guess 31.

Katherine (clayton528 on CropChocolate)

Caryn S said...

Well I'm going to go high! my sister is a scrap addict and if I had to guess I'd say she has 50 albums on a shelf in her house! So I'm going with 42.

Moon Scraps! said...

The winner of this Creative Chaos Contest was Linda! Thanks for playing ladies!

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